"You just don't get it"

Many recruitment companies aren’t very good at marketing. But why?

It’s because that they don’t know what they are marketing. And if they do know what they’re marketing they don’t know why.

When it boils down to it, there are few (if any) recruitment companies who have true unique selling points. This results in companies focusing on the ‘easy’ part of marketing around office environments; posting links to general ‘industry’ news and making sure that all of their consultants have a nice PowerPoint presentation to send to clients (who have received 20 similar pieces of collateral already that day).

Marketing should be driving sales.

The business objectives need to be intertwined with the marketing strategies to: increase repeat business; to drive rate increases; to impact attraction and retention of consultants; to gain client exclusivity and a hell of a lot more.

Having your marketing resource focus just on brand is a waste. It’s like hiring a chef and getting them to make beans on toast every day, marketing pros want to have an impact, so forget what everyone else does and make your mark. People don’t choose a career in recruitment, especially marketers - give them the platform to thrive and stay.

Stop judging your marketing function as a cost. Start targeting and judging them like any sales consultant in your business. What leads are they bringing in? How are they enabling your consultants to be better recruiters? Which activities are turning a profit?

Technology, analytics, dashboards, creativity and channels have come on leaps and bounds in recent years which makes all of the above easier.

Do you get it? You should if you want your recruitment business to get to the next level.

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