Assumption, the mother of all duck ups

Damn autocorrect…

Why do so many of us in recruitment assume what people want? 

Whether it’s clients, candidates or staff, many new or adapted ideas are faced with a rebuttal along the lines of “They wouldn’t be interested in that.”

Many treat their key stakeholders like different species and put them all in boxes that their CRM labels them as.  This leads to vanilla communication and engagement strategies, and as a result we operate in a sheep-like way.

Put some effort it.  Do some persona building.

I’m not going to tell you how to do it (Hubspot have a good guide here if you’re interested) but you should do it.

The people we interact with day-in, day-out whether you’re a recruiter or a marketer are - surprisingly - humans (and some AI of course...).  

They have different motivations, challenges and interests in their professional and personal life.

Sure, they’ll be some similarities depending on jobs (all recruiters are money hungry, wideboys/girls obviously…) but this can shape and differentiate your recruitment marketing.

Spend some time building these personas and if you want to make your marketing stand out and stay ahead then employ these tactics in your communications.

Stop ducking up and assuming.  Knowledge is power after all.

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