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For my work experience, past achievements and responsibilities then it is probably best that you just jump over to my LinkedIn profile and play around on there (please do connect as well).

I want this section to just let you know that I enjoy what I have been doing since 2004 and continue to enjoy it.  I love innovation, I love data and I love seeing the successes of our partners as a result of the work I do. I don't shy away from challenges whether business related or personal - in fact it drives me to be better.

Away from running TwoEnds and working with our partners, I'm a dad to my boy Arthur; trying to stay a Charlton fan (hmmm...) and active across most social media channels if you want to find out more about the 'real' me.

Say hello, it would be great to get to know you over a coffee (or beer).



We don’t work in a silo. We consider ourselves a part of your team and organisation from the moment we start working together. That means we meet you, we understand you and we have common goals and objectives. 

Adopting a consultative and analytical approach (we’re geeks at heart) to your business, we create and tailor strategies to give you a competitive edge.


We're credible as well. We don't chase a quick buck so assure you that we won't be working with anyone who is a direct competitor if, whilst engaged with you - if that's your wish.  If you want to know who we're currently working with please just ask. It's hard to say "no" but sometimes we do.

TwoEnds is a keen advocate of the SOSTAC planning system.  Whether a small one-off project or a larger long-term assignment, we go through the same thought process as all activity can have a tangible, financial impact on your business.

We insist on following the stages below as it is proven to garner better results and gives assurances that our work is thorough and specific to you.

Situation Analysis | Objective Setting | Strategy | Tactics | Actions | Control

We can also apply a detailed SOSTAC of your marketing activity as a standalone project should you require it.

Contact us to find out more using the form here or the details above.



Hi there, thanks for visiting. TwoEnds is a P2P (person-to-person) recruitment marketing consultancy 100% focused on sales outcomes. We are located in London but our partners are based all over the UK, Europe and United States.


We work with entrepreneurial start-ups as well as the established "big-boys" in the world of recruitment and professional services. It is 'people' who make the decisions in business and we focus the strategies and activities of our partners in communicating on a personal level to these individuals.


I founded TwoEnds as I truly believe that in many businesses, marketing is underused or not understood (or both). TwoEnds exists to change that.

We bridge the gaps between your people and departments to help increase brand awareness, headcount, employee & customer engagement and profits.


Yes, marketing can do that if you come up with the right strategy and execute it well.

If you agree with me and want to tweak or transform your approach to marketing then please get in touch. Equally, if you still think marketing is just a support service then let me convince you otherwise.


Founder of TwoEnds




Regardless of the size of your business or how far down the marketing road you've gone, TwoEnds has created three programs that will take your brand to the next level. With the outcomes of our packages clearly defined, using our expertise across the marketing mix, you're assured of a service that is unique to your business, marketing department and existing team members.

Designed for start-up businesses or those who are taking the first steps to establish a dedicated marketing function. Launch is typically a three month project to get the foundations in place to drive awareness and provide an outlet for inbound sales enquiries.

You already have an established brand in the market but want to go to the next level through your marketing activities. Whether a new web build or over-arching strategy built into business objectives, Leverage produces short-term wins and long-term legacies.

From mentoring your existing marketing team to providing company specific training sessions around the world of social media. Our Learn program provides your marketing and sales teams with the toolkits to achieve individual and collective success.




*There's a lot more we've done, get in touch to find out about it.



We can't wait to hear from you.

We want to hear about your marketing challenges.  We want to hear where you think TwoEnds can help you with marketing activity in your business.  


Get in touch and we'll get back to you (more often than not, within a couple of hours unless it's the middle of the night).


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