You’re on this page probably because you work (or own) a tech company that is supplying to the recruitment industry. I get it, selling into the recruitment industry can often be challenging, particularly if you don’t have the right “go to market” strategy. Here’s how I can help you:

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You & Your Business

Fail to plan, or plan to fail. Whatever cliché you’d prefer - a strong plan will give you structure and a clear roadmap whereby you can operate seamlessly. I’ll work with you to create a robust and achievable marketing plan, with clear targets, timelines and most importantly - outcomes.

Bad content yields bad results, so it’s really important to ensure that internal and external communications are clear. From content topics, to newsletters, to video content - I’ll help you map everything out. If you don’t have the resource in-house to produce the content, I have a network of professionals who can help.

Although a hefty marketing budget can sound great, it can be easy to fritter away every last penny if you aren’t budgeting and measuring how things are performing. I will train you on how to budget, project-manage, and analyse your ROI effectively.

Understanding how to market your brand is half the battle when it comes to marketing. Who is your target market? Where do they consume content? How do you want your target market to view your brand? I’ll help you carve out your brand positioning, so it’s water-tight and ties into your wider strategy.

Understanding the good, the bad, and the ugly of your competitors will give you an advantage, as well as growth areas to work on. Put simply, we look at the mistakes (and the wins) of your competitors and ensure that we do everything better.

Whether it’s introducing you to a new CRM, or creating opportunities for you to elevate your brand presence, I can help you to expand your reach and get your company out there.

Your People

You may be struggling with people management, particularly if you’re spinning too many plates. I’ve managed global teams throughout my career, so I can take some of that pressure off. The one thing I miss from working in-house is my team, so I try to replicate that feeling with all I work with. It seems to work.

Marketing is fast-paced and ever-changing, and it’s crucial to ensure that your team is motivated with a clear roadmap for their development. I can help you to map out plans that are tailored not only to your team members goals, but also in alignment to your wider business strategy.

Similar to management, mentoring is a great way to take the pressure off an individual manager, especially with bigger teams. I can help you to map out mentoring plans that are beneficial both to mentors and mentees.

Although I’m not a recruiter, I’ve hired and grown teams when I worked in-house, and know exactly what skill-sets are required. If you’re unsure of how to find, retain and grow top-talent, I can help you do that. I’ll do some of the interviewing, I’ll do some of the onboarding and I’ll do the 100 day plans. Just don’t ask me to ‘get on the phone’ to find somebody initially...

Sector experience

With over 17 years of recruitment marketing experience, I can confidently say that I’ve been there, done it, and (nearly) seen it all.

I’ve worked both in-house and as a consultant within multiple high-growth companies. 

This means that I have a unique skill set due to the amount of sectors I’ve had the pleasure of working in from a recruitment marketing perspective. This means that I know how each sector likes to be approached and spoken to by potential suppliers.

I’ve had the benefit of working within the following sectors:

Life Sciences



IT & Technology





"We had the marketing team in place and what we thought were some good ideas but fell a little bit short when putting the right plans in place to execute. Glenn works hands on with management and marketing and plugs this knowledge gap perfectly, he gave us confidence in what we were doing and also leveraged his extensive network to help us. Whether you don't know where to start with recruitment marketing or if you already have a functioning marketing department that needs supercharging, I'd recommend you give Glenn a call!"

Andy Shatwell, Founder of Charlton Morris.

"Glenn is a fantastic mentor and marketer. We reached out to Glenn after changes to our team left me solely responsible for our marketing department (with only 6 months of experience under my belt!) Glenn is coaching me not only to become better at my job but also upgrade our marketing strategy for 2021. We are really impressed with his wealth of knowledge and his ability to understand our business and our vision for the future. With his help, we've been able to develop a marketing strategy that we can be proud of and relaunch our solutions - something we didn't even know how much we wanted or needed! He makes himself readily available to answer any questions, which is always appreciated."

Sophie Lowe, Fraser Dove

"Glenn has been a huge asset over the last year. Since working with him I’ve felt a wholehearted investment in both maximising the results of our marketing efforts and making me a better marketer. He’s provided strategic direction relevant to our industry, structure and goals, and the breadth of his recruitment industry knowledge means he always has a frame of reference when it comes to projects and understands exactly what works. As a mentor he’s played a key role in my personal growth over the last 12 months "

Jacob Stafford-Wright, SEC Recruitment

"I had the chance to work with Glenn for well over a year and I highly recommend his marketing leadership skills. Glenn lead the LinkedIn project for Eurostaff and its great to have such a strong project leader coming from marketing. The reason Glenn is strong is because he maximises his internal relationships with sales to ensure the sales team fully understand the best approach to take on LinkedIn. Glenn is also one of the forward thinkers in our industry. "

Chris White, LinkedIn.

"What Glenn doesn't know about recruitment marketing simply isn't worth knowing. His passion for strategic marketing is inspirational, and those that surround him will gain from his experience and go-getting positivity. "

David Annable, Managing Director at Franklin Fitch

"Two Ends has been an invaluable partner to support our Marketing function through a challenging but highly successful year. During my maternity leave, Glenn worked very closely with our team to ensure they were supported and given ongoing professional development and the response has been impressive. The team have developed to support the needs of the business in a way I’m sure wouldn’t have been possible without Glenn’s support. Post my return to work Glenn has been part of numerous Strategic projects, challenging the art of what is possible and aiding our marketing both internal and external to ‘go up a notch’. So thank you Glenn! "

Hannah Donaldson, CEO at Meet.

"We engaged with Glenn to help review a marketing strategy, tactics and function setup that would suit our business needs. Glenn was able to come in and quickly get to grips with our multi-brand international business and bring together a roadmap of what we should do from a marketing perspective, but more importantly what we'd expect in terms of tangible outcomes. He was great to work with and able to quickly build a rapport with stakeholders at all levels. I'd welcome the chance to work with him in the future and would highly recommend his services. "

Ryan Morrow, Group Operations Director at G2V Recruitment

"If you ever had a conversation with Glenn, you know that he is living and breathing marketing in the recruitment industry. I barely have met people who have a more holistic approach. Nothing happens "by accident". First web page, then internal 'v-log' interviews, events, social media, blog posts, etc. - every channel covered with relevant, interesting and engaging content - THAT is Glenn in a nutshell. He's not just a great influencer but also a great mentor - professionally and personally. Glenn and I are both working in the recruitment industry without actually being recruiters/ salespeople. When I first switched to the "operations" side of the business I started in marketing and Glenn was my direct superior. Back then I wasn't able to realize how important that would be for the rest of my career. "

Matthias Klatt.

"There was a time in Recruitment when your success as a Marketeer was judged by the number of awards your company had won, or how many column inches you received in the press. Glenn’s role in analysing the business, collaborating with the Leadership to set strategy ensured we didn't lose sight of the effect that growth can have on culture. The introduction of staff related perks and a more altruistic outlook to business is central to what Glenn is about. "

Paul Flynn, Recruitment Owner & Investor

"Glenn was fantastic for us. We knew we needed marketing help but we didn't know how, what, where and who. Glenn broke everything down for us, guided us and ultimately transformed our strategy to be more effective and efficient. I recommend Glenn to anyone looking for help or even just guidance on navigating recruitment marketing. Even if you need to just sense check what you are doing, help with content or a recommendation, then Glenn is your man. "

Gareth Christian-Lim, Co-founder of Recii

"I cannot speak highly enough of Glenn's work, as a start-up business needing trusted guidance on all things marketing Glenn was amazing at allowing me to focus on other aspects of the process, knowing what we needed was in trusted and expert hands! Highly recommended expertise for all recruitment businesses, big and small! "

Jon Durrant, Founder of Osella Technology, Phaidon International alumni.

"After listening to Glenn talk about recruitment marketing on another recruiter's podcast we decided to reach out to him to see what he could help us with and I am very glad we did. Glenn takes the time to understand your business, your audience and how to approach them. He was instrumental in helping us to define a plan and, most importantly, in creating the tone of voice we wanted for our business. He understands the pressure points for recruiters as well as the perceptions of recruitment which we are trying to get away from. "

Adam Spencer, Founder of AJ Fox Compliance


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