Over the years recruitment tech has become marketing’s best friend. Or has it? The opportunities and efficiencies it can provide make it essential for our day-to-day jobs. The possibilities afforded by tech are only hampered by how much, or little, time we have! 

Technology can be a great way to bring sales and marketing together. That might be through platforms to share resources, it might be through lead tracking or it might be levelling up consultant comms with candidates and clients.

What tech and recruitment tech are we using?

There’s an app for that. Literally. There are so many software programs, plugins and apps that it can sometimes be overwhelming. We’ve done a quick round-robin of some of the community and this is the common tech that recruitment marketers are currently using.


Project management

Content creation and planning

Video production

There’s always a worry with bringing in new platforms and recruitment tech. After all, unless the people who need to buy in and start using it fully the tech will be redundant no matter how diligently you plug everything into it! One approach is to do a pilot with a smaller group of consultants or senior leadership. Work with them to show them what’s in it for them, explain the value it brings and really break down why they need to bother. Once you’ve then ironed out the kinks and they’re won over, roll it out to the next group.

What are the limitations for recruitment tech for marketers?

For all its benefits there are definitely limitations when it comes to technology in the recruitment marketing sector. Technology divides itself into a CRM system with all the quirks and functionality needed for day-to-day recruitment, and a marketing system. Never the two shall mix, and never the two shall talk. That means there’s a whole bunch of manual work still to do if you want to attribute leads, look at conversion rates or pull together a report on marketing’s ROI.

We hear about the frustration of needing more insights but struggling to extract those. 

There’s a gap in the market that needs to be filled.

What’s the dream tech stack for recruitment marketers?

The dream, the panacea for recruitment marketing teams feels quite simple. It’s to have a collaborative sales and marketing system – recruitment tech that works in harmony while delivering the functionality needed for both consultants and marketing. The reason this feels simple is that in the world outside of recruitment you can get systems that integrate. But they haven’t conquered the recruitment marketing sector. There are solutions that come close, but they aren’t there…yet. 

Until they make the developments or a new product enters the market, we’ll have to keep tinkering and joining the dots ourselves while dreaming of the perfect system. We’d love to hear what you’d look for in a dream recruitment marketing tech stack and how close you are to achieving it!

Have you got any tips for successfully introducing recruitment tech that we could share with our community? Anything that you’re using that other recruitment marketers will benefit from?

This article was created off the back of a Lonely Marketers huddle with some of the most senior recruitment marketers in the industry representing £100m’s worth of turnover and established around the globe.

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